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Dolphins Ahoy!

Our Trip to San Diego

February 2003

A great winter break to San Diego.  Did I say winter?  It was hot on the beach.  Yes it was a tough toss-up between heading for the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe or heading for the sun, sea and surf of Sandy Ego.  Somehow the sun won.

Dolphins on the starboard bow

The dolphin safari was excellent - out on a small catamaran with the dolphins bow-wave riding alongside us.  These were Pacific White-Sided dolphins for the cognicentii.  Didn't see any of the Grey whales that are migrating at this time so we have to come back next year.


On the boat waiting to sail

Setting sail with Captain Dave on the Dolphin Safari.


Helen watches the dophin pass under the boat

A dolphin swims under the bow.

Andy looking for whales

Thar she blows.  Ahab seeks in vain.


Andy & Helen loafing around on San Diego beach

Not bad beach weather for February.




Family in hot water

And plenty of swimming in the hotel pool.  No not the one with their own harbour seal in, the swimming pool.  Plus some time for ourselves in the hot tub.


Alice & Henry with Panda

San Diego zoo - the Giant Panda in the tree looks just like Alice's cuddly toy.