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A Most Pelagic Holiday

Biarritz, August 2006

Mid air balletics

Yes, pelagic*. (Thanks, Carol, for expanding our vocabulary). A gathering of the three families, the Jolys, the Frys and the Coburns at the Joly's chateau in Ahetze, near Biarritz. A reunion of those holidays we used to have together when our children were toddlers all together. Sort of some time ago really. Alfred Joly, Alice Coburn and Sarah Fry were all born within a couple of weeks of each other, back in '91. Now there are nine of the next generation. Perfect for some sun, sand and surf. And some marathon dining sessions.

Oh No, Not the Holiday Snaps!


Beach overview





Sunscreen Chain



Simon in the waves




Frolics in the surf








Etienne with Surfboard

Beach dude



Philippa, Carol & Helen

Beach babes



Andy looking rediculous

Beach bum



Andy & Philippa on walk

Hiking to Spain



Going in to town

Strolling around town



Henry gets a dog at last - George is on loan

Walking the dog



Simon prepares the Moroccan Chicken

One man mixing



Andrew & Henry play French billiards

Two boys at billiards



Carol, Helen and Philippa by the pool

Three ladies lounging



Fun in the pool

Pool fun



Burying Patrick

Patrick's six-pack


Alice pushes Eloise into the pool

Pushy people


Some excellent dinners - no kids in sight

Dinner on the terrace. More wine, Etienne?



Etienne has one last sip

Etienne: Going...



Feeling sleepy




He'd had a hard couple of days




A trip into Biarritz

Backs to the wall



Looking out to sea

Fronts to the wall



Overlooking the beach

Eyeing up the talent



 Louis turns 11

Happy Birthday, Louis


Krazy Kids

Mad kids midnight swim

Sunset on the wall

Watching the sunset


The Next Generation

(God help us)

Fry, Joly and Coburn Under 16s

The Next Generation

Ah! The future beckons...

Nine Scoops

How come ice-cream tastes so much better at the seaside?

Alice Coburn Alfred Joly Sarah Fry Eloise JolyBill Fry Henry Coburn Louis Joly Patrick Fry  Rhiannon Fry


Three Fifteens - Alice, Alfred and Sarah

Three Fifteens

Group Farewell

Coburns, Frys and Jolys say goodbye at the end of the holiday

So Long Ahetze!

Biarritz Farewell 1997

[The way we were when we last said goodbye in 1997...]

Still puzzled by that word?


a. pertaining to or found in open sea, or near surface of sea. pelagial, a. pelagian, n. & a. pelagic (animal).

Hutchinson Encyclopaedia

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