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China 2011

The Coburn-Mulligans travel around the Middle Kingdom

August 2011

Coburns in China

Coburn China Itinerary Aug 2011



The Forbidden City









Panorama of the vast central courtyard, full of tourists like us














Roof Tiles in the Forbidden City

(Alice Montage)



The Great Wall

The Olympic Stadium


Life in China


Why did so many people want their photos taken with a visiting Western tourist?




The ancient capital



Panda and Earthquake Country

No we have no idea who the SpacePimps are either.

Szechuan cuisine is very spicy (but delicious). Thankfully no photo exists of Andrew choking on chili oil while eating Szechuan hot pot


Amazing Earthquake Reconstruction Achievement

The Ms8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake of May 2008 killed 69,000 people and destroyed a large region of Sichuan province. Andrew and Helen visited the earthquake destruction in October 2008 and helped survey the damage. A reported 4.8 million people were made homeless and a huge amount of the infrastructure of the region was destroyed. The Chinese authorities pledged to rebuild. We took a short detour from our holiday itinerary to see how they were progressing. To our astonishment, they have completed the reconstruction in three years. They are celebrating the accomplishment of building new housing for everyone affected, as well as new roads, factories and power stations. Part of their legacy is to preserve some of the damaged buildings as a memorial to the event.






Then - damaged shops in 2008


Then - streetscape of damaged buildings in Dujiangyan in 2008


Now - rebuilt shops in 2011


Now - smart new streetscape of reconstructed buildings in Dujiangyan in 2011



The Coburns find their Shangri-La

Lijiang is in the area known as Shangri-La, in the foothills of the Tibetan region


Sanya, on Hainan Island in the South China Sea

Chilling out in the Hawaii of China


Different water slide techniques



Henry bottom-shuffles in


Alice uses Zen


Helen bottoms out


Andrew makes an elegant entry


Hong Kong

Quick Stop-off at Honkers and Shankers and then home


Cheshire Cat 2011