Aerial view of the riverThe Ditton Corner plot from the airFen Ditton - an aerial view



Winds of Protest

2012 Bumps & Carnage party at Ditton Corner

The thirteenth year of our Bumps Party was enlivened by two separate protests that interrupted the University Bumps rowing races. An animal rights demonstration protested about the removal of Mr. Asbo, the psychotic swan, who a few months earlier had been removed by the Cam River Conservators to a safe haven, because he was a "hazard to rowers". The animal rights protesters were joined by Class War protestors who marched to complain about the elitism of University rowing.

Not Ducking The Issue

Protest 1: Not ducking the issue: "Keep Your Blades Off The Wild Life"

Class War protestors on the tow-path at the Bumps

Protest 2: Class War march against privilege


The Police turned out in force

Five keepers of the peace Who you looking at? Come in Number 4!

And the protestors were eventually escorted off the river to let the races resume

"Roger Tango - Three ducks taken into custody, Sarge" I say Tarquin, what do they mean, "anti-elitism"?

And the Ditton Corner party had our Men in Black (and other assorted muscle) to deal with an unwelcome guests.

The Security The Hard Man has his own security radio No messing with us

The Wellie Brigade

We sent out an email a few days before the party when the weather forecast was dire. We warned people to expect wet grass, and stormy and cold conditions. As it happens we were wrong. But people came equipped with a variety of footware for the conditions


Wind in the Willows

Although the rain held off, the wind was the main elemental force. We've never seen it so windy.

Wind in the willows Hats blown off! Gazebo blows away Tornado on the towpath Bulging marquee Etienne catches Helens hat feathers Nonsense - I've seen worse Wind-assisted rowers Gusty acceleration Windy on the slide

Bumps for Hearts

British Heart Foundation Themed Marquee Helen and Andrew and BHF Banner

Many thanks to all of the kind people who donated to our 'Bumps for Hearts' appeal.

Bumps for Hearts is a charity donation fund for the British Heart Foundation, in memory of our family members that we have lost to heart disease.

Here's the link to our Bumps for Hearts foundation donation page, if you'd like to make a donation

The Party Group Photo

Group Photo Bumps Party 2012

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Picture Selection

Party-goers on the riverbank

More pictures always appreciated - send us your photos of the event

Scoreboard party



Good vantage point



Pneumatic Art Sculpture



Gary and Isla



Browns and a Spiegelhalter


The Burgesses

21 today


Go Jesus!



Ray, Penny, Andrew and Vicky



Those Coburn guys (again)



Stanley and Marcela



The boaties of 79



David is in the pink



Point of discussion



That Risk Professor off the telly



First sitting



D'Maris and guests



Coburn siblings



Imminent pop


Low cholesterol food


slide jumps.



The three amigos



Flowers and Churchillian stoicism



The Dutton Gang



Christine, Helen and Mark



The castle at the top of the hill



Bank run


Grandma and her tiny grandson


Etienne - Senor Frog himself



View downriver



The Fisher Crouch family



Andrew and Frank Kelly



View from the house



Marquee guests



On the lawn



A view from the top



Gordon and Danny



The crowd



Perse boys



Sixth Formers


Picnic on the bank



Under observation



Joelle and Michelle




Fine hats



Liz, Anne and Gill






Risk Centre dudes



The Watkins



Nigel and Kate


Nigel Simon and Bill

A bit of sunshine on the croquet lawn


My hat is bigger than yours


Matt shows guts

The Payne family


Platt family


Platts and Helen

What's everyone shouting about?


Reed family


Fen Dittoners

Considering risks



CAR deputation


Reed family



The Sumner Rooneys



Choppy waters



Russell Blong and Robert Muir Wood



This little piggie went to market



Reed family



Bar staff



Simon and Michelle



Tim and Caroline show their age


Reed family



Reed family



Robin, Bridget, Ro and Andy



Sit in on the steps


Bank view

Tim's binoculars


Crowded thoroughfare


Wrays and Purkisses

Vera and Edna


The view downriver


Willow view

Nick and Alice Woolley



Barbeque Evolution





Collapsing the castle


A plug for our caterers...

Many thanks to Muriel Ambourhouet who did a stalwart job again this year.


Cheshire Cat 2012